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Love One Another


September 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Mary’s,

Thank you for participating in our parish evening of reflection on our theme for the year: “Love One Another.” With all that has been 2020, and after consulting with the Stewardship Committee, we settled on this theme for obvious reasons. Yes, we need to listen to each other. Yes, we need to better understand one another. But listening and understanding are themselves not enough. We must heed our Lord’s words to “love one another, as I have loved you.”

Recently we read the parable of the Lord’s mercy and generosity to the workers who all receive the same daily wage despite some working twelve hours, and others, one hour. I have often been struck by how gentle the parable is to those who only come out for the last hour of work. Jesus does not correct their “half-truth” response that nobody would hire them. He does not condemn them for having slept in all day. And He does not call out selfish motives. If Jesus, who knows all things, is merciful and kind with me for my mixed motives and imperfection, then how much more must I live likewise?

A great many of our issues today would melt away in the rays of divine mercy if each of us refused to guess and condemn the motives and hearts of our friends and enemies. So many of our sins today are sins of rash judgement. “Love one another” is not a suggestion or a cliche; it is a command from the Lord and a precondition for passing through the pearly gates.

During the pandemic, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception has risen to this challenge in so many ways: record-breaking food drives, distance learning for the school and religious education, streaming Masses and devotions! Many of the ways that we meet, pray and serve have been in constant flux. Several of our ministries are in need of volunteers who are not high-risk for Covid. This year we want to highlight a few of the ways that you can serve right now!

Thank you for your generosity in serving and loving all of God’s children.

Pax et Bonum,

Father John Mosimann


If you would like to meet a member of the Stewardship Committee to help you discern where you can best use your gifts at St Mary, please fill out the form below and either return it to the parish office by email to or drop it off in person or in the collection basket any Sunday.


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