Virginia March for Life

Virginia March for Life

The Virginia March for Life is February 1 in Richmond.  St. Mary will be sending two buses to the March.  Our buses are already full.  All those still wishing to attend by driving can consult this map for parking and route maps for the March.  Please see the March for Life Website linked HERE for more info.


From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This week is all about three mega ‘thanks-yous’!

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we have hit $3.5 million pledged for our “Growing our Legacy of Faith” Capital Campaign! This puts us at the halfway mark for funding our identified needs for the parish and school!! I am so grateful for the hard work of our parish volunteers! I don’t know of any other volunteer-run campaign that has been as successful as ours!

One of our volunteers suggested we celebrate with this song, which people of my generation will recognize by the time they get to the refrain!

♫ We’ve got to build on to what we’ve got. ♫
♫ You can make a difference and you can help a lot. ♫ ♫ Growing in faith is not for naught ♫
♫ So pledge just give it a shot. ♫

♫ Oh we’re halfway there. ♫
♫ Oh, Oh, thank you for your prayer. ♫
♫ Make a pledge and we’ll make it I ‘promise.’ ♫ ♫ Oh we’re living on your prayer. ♫

Catholic Schools Week!!! A huge shout out to Dr. Fry and all of our school staff for their hard work and generosity in teaching and serving the children of our parish. This weekend our school children are passing out cards after all Masses to thank you for the parish’s support of the school and to celebrate both Catholic Schools Week and the success of our capital campaign! Monday, Bishop Burbidge is coming to offer Mass at the school, kicking-off a week of celebrations!

Teaching and living our faith is at the heart of the mission of the parish, and the school is often on the front line of this work for so many parish families. I recall one time asking a pre-schooler what she had learned. Without hesitation, she looked up and said, “I learned that Jesus can never stop loving me. His grace is His love in my heart.”

Bishop’s Lenten Appeal! Also, thank you for your support of the BLA! This week we have the bulletin insert to promote the many wonderful works supported by your generosity!


Father Mosimann

January 29, 2023
Holy Cross Academy Open House This Weekend

Holy Cross Academy Open House This Weekend

Holy Cross Academy will be hosting an open house on January 29 from 1-3pm for families who are interested in learning more about our amazing school. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a tour, talk to teachers and meet members of our school community. The online application link will open for new families at the end of January.

Holy Cross Preschool at St. Mary will be hosting an open house on January 29 from 9:30am until 12pm in the Parish Life Center.