From Our Pastor ~ May 28, 2017

Dear Folks,

This is Fr. Sunny’s last Sunday with us. I know I speak for the priests and parish staff when I say his time here has truly been a blessing, and his care for the parish, from daily Mass, hospital visits, confessions, and the Syro-Malabar Mass he celebrated last week, has been an inspiration. He really is the nicest priest, and we are so grateful for all he has done for us during his time here. He has written a little goodbye note to the parish below:

The best lines said by a mathematician, ‘My love for my community, family, and friends, is like a circle. It has no sides to be broken, no ends to be ended, and no angles to be measured.”  Now I am so grateful to God and to you- my beloved Fathers and parishioners of St Mary in Fredericksburg for your wonderful love and care. The sincere love that you shared cannot be measured. I would say I was blessed to be with the wonderful community here with whom the Heavenly Father’s love and grace is running. In our lives, when we run alone, then it’s called a race. But when God runs with us, or when we run with God, it’s called grace. Indeed, I am happy because I could also become part of this divine community where there is a lot of ‘we feel’ among the priests and the parishioners. I would say because of the parishioners unending prayers and worship, the parishioners are blessed with the nicest pastor and talented priests. The love and care of our beloved fathers and parishioners made me to feel that I am at my own home. I take this occasion to thank you my beloved Father John Mosimann, Father Holmes, Father Cummings, and Father Colin, for you brotherly concern and love. And I do thank you all, the wonderful staff and parishioners, for your great support and love. I have a lot to cherish in my memory when I go home –the moments of the Syro-Malabar Qurbana, the day of my birthday celebration, the mission talks, golfing with Fr. Mosimann and Deacon Dick, and the Easter celebration and season of Lent, and the visit of my family and friends. Everything was a wonderful experience. It is a fact to say that when I is replaced by we, illness becomes wellness. So in one word I conclude thank you for considering me a member of this wonderful family of St. Mary in Fredericksburg.

God Bless You All,
Fr. Sunny Joseph

Express Announcements ~ May 28, 2017

* There will be no 6:30am Mass or Adoration on Memorial Day.
*  Effective immediately: Sunday Spanish Mass will now be celebrated at 2:30pm.
*  Please join Fr. Cummings at 7:30pm on Friday, June 9 as he offers a special Mass in celebration of his fifth anniversary of priestly ordination.
* Mark your calendars! Our Annual Parish Picnic at Holy Cross Academy is Sunday, June 11, from 3-7pm.
* Complete some of your shopping by purchasing SCRIP gift cards! Set up an account today and earn rebates for HCA. Email Christi Greenwell at for the school enrollment code.
* Subscribe to the Saint Mary website, and receive important updates via email. The subscription box is on the homepage. Enter your email address, click “subscribe.”
* Beginning June 5, new times for Daily Masses — 6:30am & 9am Monday-Friday, 12pm Tuesday and Thursday

Fr. Sunny’s Syro Malabar Rite Mass




Last Sunday, the 7:01pm Mass was celebrated in the Syro-Malabar Rite by Fr. Sunny!  It was well attended and a beautiful experience as those Catholics of the Roman Rite were able to experience the Sacred Liturgy of our brothers and sisters of the Easter Rite of the Syro-Malabar Church.  A choir from the Indian community in Washington DC came to assist Fr. Sunny, as well as many member of the Indian Catholic Community in the Virginia and DC area.  Thanks to all our Syro-Malabar brothers and sisters who shared their faith with us!

Thursday is NOT a Day of Obligation

In most dioceses of the United States, the bishops have exercised their authority to transfer the Feast of the Ascension from Thursday to the following Sunday.  This applies to the Diocese of Arlington.  As a result, this Thursday is not a day of obligation and we will not celebrate any additional Masses.  There was a typo in the bulletin this week stating that Thursday was a Day of Obligation.  THIS WAS A TYPO AND THURSDAY IS NOT A DAY OF OBLIGATION.  We apologize for the confusion.