From our Pastor

From our Pastor

Dear Folks,
There is so much discouraging sin and corruption in the Church.  Ughhhhhhh.  And it is not new (Judas).  However, it does seem to be so deeply rooted that more and more hits keep coming.
Why are we Catholic?  Jesus.  The Eucharist.  In obedience to His command that we must eat His body and drink His blood to have life eternal.  And when it is hard, like now, we look at him and say, “to whom else can we go?  You have the words of eternal life.” (Hint, this is next week’s gospel).
But we are all frustrated, disgusted, and angry at every revelation of horrific crimes against children and corrupt / perverted clergy.  Add shame to that mix as we see who some of us really are.  And how about feeling powerless to change anything?  That too.
I have struggled with what to say directly, because words alone are meaningless.  But I have referred to it indirectly numerous times in homilies recently.  How do I address it without making parents explain to innocent children what we are talking about?  Do you notice how often Jesus condemns those who are whitewashed tombs?  Clean and fancy words, that cover internal rot bring fierce and frequent condemnation from our Lord.
This week, on the feast of the Assumption, Bishop Burbidge emailed his priests, and directly asked us to do reparation for the sins of priests.  I promise you to do this.  Here is his note:
Dear Brother Priests,
For over a month now we have experienced shock, anger, and shame as we have heard about the grave sins of bishops and priests.  Words cannot express the sorrow over what has been inflicted on our Lord’s Body by our own brothers.
At this time I write to let you know of my prayers for all of you – in gratitude for your priestly service and in petition for your continued fidelity.  As you know, I have scheduled deanery meetings over the next several months.  I would like to use those meetings as opportunities to discuss these issues and to hear your thoughts.
Finally, given our shared priesthood with those who have committed such crimes, it is fitting that we share also in the reparation.  As such, please make note of three requests.  First, I ask every priest to offer a Mass each month for the victims and in reparation for the sins of the clergy.  It is fitting that this be an announced parish Mass so that the faithful may participate, although it may also be offered privately.  Second, every Friday please offer some mortification (e.g. fasting, abstinence, Stations of the Cross, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc.) for the same intention.  Third, in your daily Rosary please include the intention that Mary, Mother of the Clergy, will help us to respond properly to the crisis before us.
As today we celebrate the triumphant Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven, let us seek her continued maternal consolation.  Through her intercession, may God bless you and all those you serve.
Fraternally in Christ,
Bishop Burbidge

Finally, in the midst of all this discouragement, a mother came to me to tell me this story from Mass on the Assumption.  As her family got to the front for for communion, her 4 year old son’s jaw dropped, and his eyes fixed on the crucifix behind the altar.  They could barely get him back to their seats where he asked them, “why is Jesus singing?”  Startled, they asked questions.  He was seeing Jesus on the crucifix with a huge smile and singing “a God song.”  When did Jesus on the cross start singing? “When the dad lifted up the wine.”  I don’t often get called ’the dad’ by my spiritual children, but this lifted my soul.
I can’t change the world.  I can’t change Jesus’ church.  And I only want us to become what we are: the spotless bride of Christ.  Only Jesus is spotless.  He can and will impute that spotlessness to us through profound repentance, humility, and reparation.  This is the never ending work to which all your parish priests commit ourselves.  

      Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto thine.
pax et bonum,
fr mosimann
Pulpit Announcements

Pulpit Announcements

  •  Youth Group Banica mission experiences See bulletin page 7 for more information
  •  Celebrating your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary this year? The 2018 Marriage Jubilee Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge on Sunday, October 14. See bulletin page 9 for more information
  • The Manna Project Food Drive will be held September 8 & 9. Please bring non-perishables and monetary donations to Mass this weekend.
  • During overnight Adoration on Wednesday-Thursday and Thursday-Friday the doors will be locked from midnight until 5am.
Holy Day Schedule

Holy Day Schedule

Wednesday, August 15th, is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a Holy Day of Obligation.  Our Mass Schedule is

Tuesday August 14: 6pm and 7:30pm

Wednesday August 15: 6:30am, 9am, 12pm, 6pm, and a 7:30pm bilingual Mass