Parish Life Weekend Announcement

Dear Folks,
Next Week is Parish Life Weekend!
The Stewardship Catalogue should have gone out
in the mail Friday (printing as I type!), so look for
it. We did simplify some things this year in order
to reduce the costs. If you do not receive one,
some will be available next weekend.
In this bulletin, you will find a pull-out page
highlighting some new and renewed ministries
that are especially in need of your generous gifts.
New this year: we will be asking you to sign
up at the tables in to capture your immediate
enthusiasm. We will not be turning in
commitment cards, so please be prepared to jump
on the bus immediately! If you are reading this
online from Italy, contact info for your ministry of
choice via is in the bulletin and on the website.
Finally, I share with you this quote that I have
read about 10 times:
“The more you get involved in the groups that
are doing wonderful work in the church the more
you will be filled with joy in being a Catholic.
The corruption, scandal and heresy will fade
away like shadows. You will see clearly what you
should be doing and it will be positive, life filled
and life giving. You will soon see all the good
that is going on and the bad you see will fade in
The complainers and protesters never
accomplished very much. The saints did. The
saints confronted corruption with radiant lives
of simplicity and power. They skewered scandal
with radiant lives of purity and goodness. They
overwhelmed indifference with radiant lives of
zeal and joy. At times they spoke out against the
scandal, indifference and corruption, but they
always did so based on the authority of their own
powerful sanctity.
In other words, overwhelm the world with the
light, life and beauty of Christ alive in you.
Don’t curse the dark.
Set alight a life ablaze with glory and goodness.”
— originally from a blog by Fr. Dwight
Pax et bonum!
Rev. John Mosimann
09240174 insert

Special Collection for Hurricane Irma

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has asked for an emergency collection to be taken up on September 23 and September 24 for the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. We will take up this collection, together with the Religious Education Collection, as the Second Collection on September 23 and September 24.  All gold Religious Education envelopes will go toward the Religious Education collection.  All loose checks and cash will support Hurricane Irma.  While this request comes so soon after the emergency collection for Hurricane Harvey, we truly appreciate your generosity, and most of all your prayers, for all those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Rosary for Healing

Please join Bishop Burbidge on Friday September 8 at 1:30pm by praying a Rosary for Racial Healing. The Rosary will be prayed across the Diocese through the use of a conference call.  Please call 641-715-3580 and use pass code 951981 to join the call with the Bishop.