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From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

This is the last weekend for Father “Crush-It.” One parishioner told me today, “he is a gem, a precious gem”

Another said, “I have never met a priest as energetic as Fr. Folmar. He is so excited to hear my confessions!”

And a third, “Wow! This priest loves cookies and Jesus, but I am not sure which he loves more!” (And yes, we all know which he loves more!)

Thank you Fr. Folmar for the laughs and fraternity that we have shared in the rectory of St. Mary during the past four years. Astronaut humor, inside jokes, tales of mullets and Camaros, TastyCake, and Crushing sin in the confessional. You will be missed, and other priests will have to start saying the 6:30am Mass!

In addition to the small receptions we have had after some of his Masses, we will have a reception for him on Monday June 27th, from 6 to 8pm in the PLC. This will mean that we won’t face the pressures of Mass traffic! Please stop by and bid Fr. Folmar a fond adieu.

It seems that Bishop Burbidge loves our parish so much that he trusts us to be a welcoming nest for newly hatched priests! Now it is time for Fr. Folmar to fly the nest and head up north. And we make space in the St. Mary’s nest for the newly hatched Fr. Renner!

pax et bonum,

Father John Mosimann

June 26, 2022
Power Restored and Tree Cleared

Power Restored and Tree Cleared

The power has been restored to the property and the tree was cleared by the generosity of R. Settle and Sons Tree and Landscaping, who saw the downed tree last night and cleared it during the storm out of the generosity of their hearts!  Thanks to R. Settle and Sons and all who helped with the clean up!

Fr Riley talk and Confession still a go for tonight, adoration today end at 9pm

Fr Riley talk and Confession still a go for tonight, adoration today end at 9pm

Today’s storm knocked out power to the property. A tree is down near the William Street entrance that will be cleared tomorrow during the day. Please be careful entering and exiting by that entrance. Father Riley has agreed to give his talk by candlelight and the priests of St Mary will hear confession by candlelight. But adoration will end at 9pm and resume after the 6:30am Mass Thursday morning. All Masses will be celebrated tomorrow regardless of the power situation.