Matrimony ~ Weddings

Matrimony ~ Weddings

The Sacrament of Marriage is an outward sign of the love of God, when two people lay down their lives for each other in a way that is faithful, permanent and open to life. In the act of giving and receiving the consent of this self-gift (vows) we see Christ who, in his love for us on the cross, gave us all of himself so that we might, in turn, offer ourselves as his bride, the Church every time we gather at Mass. The loving union of husband and wife is a reflection of the perfect love God has for each of us.

Catholics who are married outside of the Church are warmly encouraged to consider supplying the Sacrament of Marriage to their already existing non-Catholic marriage, so that they may return to the Eucharist, or serve as Sponsors or Godparents. Baptized Catholics who are married outside of the Church need to be reconciled to the Sacraments through Confession and the Sacrament of Marriage, in this case, called a “Convalidation.”

We congratulate you both and warmly welcome you to be married here at St. Mary Church! There are a number of preliminary steps you should take if you are considering marriage at St. Mary. First, parish registration is required if you live within the parish boundaries of St. Mary, or written permission from the pastor of the parish where you are registered. Please see the Join St. Mary page or call the office to see if you reside within parish boundaries. A different fee for the use of the facilities of the parish applies to those who are not registered members of St. Mary.

Weddings are celebrated at St. Mary on most Saturdays during the year at 12 noon and 2:00pm. Rehearsals are scheduled for the previous Friday evening at 5:00 or 6:00pm.

A six-month preparation period is required by the diocese for all marriages during which time you will meet occasionally with a priest and attend the Diocesan Conference for the Engaged. To start the process you must call the Parish Office at 540-373-6491 and schedule an appointment with a our marriage prep coordinator, Margaret Bereit. Reservations for wedding dates are made by the priest based on the availability of the church at the time of your meeting.

Please review our Wedding Packet before meeting with the Priest or Deacon!