Protecting God’s Children

Protecting God’s Children

God is Great!
Our children are priceless gifts from God.

St. Mary Church is mandated by the Arlington Diocese to uphold the “Protecting God’s Children Program.” All of our volunteers 18+ years of age, must complete a volunteer background check and attend a Virtus Seminar in order to be compliant and eligible to work with children. The background paperwork must be submitted and approved before anyone can volunteer in any capacity where children are involved.

We take this program very seriously as we realize that our children are priceless gifts from God.  To begin the process of compliance, please contact our Religious Education Office to obtain a packet. Our staff will assist you in completing all necessary paperwork. Please call 540-373-7770 with any questions.

Office of Child Protection & Safety

The Office of Child Protection and Safety for the Diocese of Arlington provides programs to ensure a safe environment for children within the community of the Church.

Children are the most precious resource of the family and the Church. The greatest care must always be taken when the safety of children is involved. The Diocese of Arlington is committed to providing a safe environment to all children entrusted to our care and assisting each child to grow in grace and wisdom.

OPCYP Programs

The Office of Child Protection & Safety provides several programs including:

  • A comprehensive training program for employees, volunteers, parents and children
  • Application procedures for persons working with children, including background checks
  • Monitoring of child and youth activities to ensure that all contact with young people is appropriate
  • Outreach and support for victims of child abuse and their families