Join St. Mary

Join St. Mary

We welcome you! Join our parish family.

Generally speaking, if you live in the City of Fredericksburg (plus the area south of Hwy 3 and east of Salem Church Road) or in the southern one-third of Stafford County (south of the line from Potomac Creek to Stafford Airport to Abel Lake to Hartwood), you live within the territorial boundaries of St. Mary.  Please call the parish office to confirm whether or not you reside within the geographic boundaries of the parish if you do not know.

Although we do not limit registration to only those who live within parish boundaries, it has become necessary for us to communicate to all registered parishioners that, if we exceed our capacities at Holy Cross Academy or in our Religious Education programs of the parish, we must give priority of place to those who reside within the actual boundaries of the parish, regardless of registration date.  This is a consideration of the Canon Law of the Church, which requires that parish services be made available to all persons who live within the jurisdiction of St. Mary.

If you are new to the area and you live within the boundaries of one of our neighboring parishes, we encourage you to look into their parish communities, if you have not already done so.

Stop by the parish office to get a form and register today!

Just a word about getting involved.  First of all, our family is a family formed by faith. By coming to know God better together, we will grow together as the Body of Christ.  And, just as in any organization, one feels more at ease–more connected–if he or she steps in and gets involved. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you and your family to jump in and volunteer for a ministry. As you will learn, there are over 80 active ministries here at St. Mary. They range from liturgy, education, outreach, operations to parish life. They were all created to draw us closer to our Lord in service, worship and community. This is a large parish and one may very easily feel lost, please, jump in and get connected – you will soon feel like St. Mary is a second home to you and your family.  If you’d like to know how to get involved at St Mary or what ministries are in need of volunteers, download our ministry catalogue, or fill out our Charism Inventory and drop it off in the office or in the collection basket any Sunday, or contact our parish Stewardship Committee at!


We Miss You

The full, active, and joyous participation of every Catholic is a precious gift to our faith community. As long as anyone is inactive or alienated from the Church, the Church remains incomplete. We want all our brothers and sisters to return to the Church, so we can support each other on our common journey of faith. Here are some reflections on that journey that you may find helpful.