Express Announcements ~ May 21, 2017

* Come help keep our church grounds beautiful Tuesday, May 30 for the Mulch Party! More information on page 7.
* Please join Fr. Cummings at 7:30pm on Friday, June 9 as he offers a special Mass in celebration of his fifth anniversary of priestly ordination.
* Mark your calendars! Our Annual Parish Picnic at Holy Cross Academy is Sunday, June 11, from 3-7pm.
* Complete some of your shopping by purchasing SCRIP gift cards! Set up an account today and earn rebates for HCA. Email Christi Greenwell at for the school enrollment code.
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From Our Pastor ~ May 21, 2017

Dear Folks,
Thanks to all who brought flowers for Our Lady this weekend. The gift of flowers seems to be a gift appreciated by all mothers. It just reminds me of some men recently talking about buying flowers for their wives. The consensus was that it was a total win to just buy them flowers ‘for no apparent reason.’  And they all agreed that you never, never buy the cheapest arrangement at the store. Ever.
My mother still has some pressed flowers in a frame that I gave her 30 years ago!  I picked the tiny flowers on pilgrimage, one for each of her children, and I pressed them and kept them to give to her on my return. I never expected that they would sit framed in her room for the rest of her life. My small gesture, was received with great gratitude.
Which brings up a question that folks occasionally raise “why so many flowers in the Church?”  Good question. First, I would say that flowers make as beautiful offering to the Lord as they do to wives. The flower that he most wants is our love. But how fitting as well that plants of the earth offer up the beauty of their lives in adornment to glorify the Lord.
Also, the ladies who prepare and care for the flowers are amazingly tireless workers. I am in awe of how many hours a week arranging and decorating, preparing as many as 17 bouquets!  Sometimes they are even able to rearrange the flowers that you ‘randomly’ leave into bouquets which adorn the altar. These helpers are due a great word of thanks from every one of us.
And how about the cost?  During the course of the year, there are two envelopes for flowers. These special collections come at Easter and Christmas. I haven’t double checked what the collection brought in this year, but frequently these collections cover the cost of the flowers for then entire year!  Thank you for your great generosity, given specifically for beautiful flowers to the Lord.
April Showers bring May flowers.
May flowers bring mothers smiles.
Flowers are an appropriate gift expressing our love. For our Mothers, for Our Lady, and for Jesus. Thank you.
Peace in Christ,
Pax et bonum (peace and all goodness),
Fr. Mosimann

Bring a Flower for Mary This Sunday

This weekend children of the parish are asked to bring a flower to lay at the foot of our statue of the Blessed Mother in the church.  The children will process in with the Priest at the beginning of Mass and lay their flowers in a basket to be presented to Our Lady before the start of all our Masses this weekend.  If you forget your flower, we’ll have some on standby so no one’s left out!