an uncommonly beautiful morning

It’s easy to start the day with a prayer of thanksgiving on a day like today.  Uncommonly beautiful.  And the start of the day is usually still uncomplicated enough for a clear thought.  God made us in his image and likeness:  persons.  A “person” can’t exist without a relationship any more than a woman could be called “mother” without a child, or “friend” without a friend.  A recent document called “Communion and Stewardship” by the International Theological Commission explains that all of creation was something that God made with human persons in mind, so that there would be a place for relationships to happen.  They can’t happen without particular circumstances and settings, contexts and inspiration.  As you look around this morning, two clear thoughts are possible.  First, all this beauty — God made it for me.  But don’t linger there.  God made it to inspire me [us] so that we could be fulfilled as persons in relationship with him and each other.