From Our Pastor ~ January 8, 2017

From Our Pastor ~ January 8, 2017

Dear Folks,

A brief word on four forms of prayer:

Adoration: It is the nature of an intelligent being to honor excellence. To be awed by that which is extraordinary. God is supreme excellence, and so far beyond the ordinary that we are utterly false to ourselves if we deny Him praise, adoration, and glory. Think of the Gloria, “we praise you, we bless you, we adore, we glorify you…” What an excellent way to pray. And if you can’t pray this way, then you need to fix your mind on the excellence of God.

Thanksgiving: Everything we have and are is a gift from God, and failure to recognize this would be an extraordinary fraud. Give thanks in all times and for all things.

Repentance: A consideration of our status before the all good and generous God gives rise to this expression of sorrow for sin as we implore God’s mercy and beseech the forgiveness of our sins.

Intercession: Prayer for oneself or others, for their material and spiritual wellbeing. This is the realm where we are asking for favors for ourselves or others. If this is the only form of prayer that we know and exercise, then our prayer is greatly impoverished.

However, when all forms of prayer are present in a soul it unleashes a torrent of grace: the soul in right relation to God is sufficiently  confident of His love to be able to ask for what it wants. And the soul is confident enough to trust that God will answer the prayer in the manner which will most benefit His beloved sons and daughters.

Pray on Brothers and Sisters!




Fr. Mosimann

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