From Our Pastor ~ June 11, 2017

From Our Pastor ~ June 11, 2017

Dear Folks,

Today we are having our Parish Picnic. This is a wonderful time that I hope you all come to. One of the challenges with a large parish is getting to know other members of our parish family. The University that I went to had about 1,200 undergraduates. I used to say that it was just big enough that you didn’t really know everyone, but that everyone thought they knew your business. Now make that 5000+ families and over 18,000 people. It is just not possible to know everyone in the parish. That is really a shame, because it allows people to fade into the back rows, slip out of Mass early, and not come to identify themselves as belonging to the parish family.

When I went to seminary in Philadelphia, I was always impressed that people identified themselves by their parish affiliation. If you would ask someone where they are from, they wouldn’t name the town, borough, or part of the city, but the name of their parish. We can’t recreate that sort of atmosphere (and we could talk all day about the benefits and liabilities of the national parish system), but we can make an effort to throw ourselves into parish life.

Today is just a great social get together, where we can kick back and enjoy the weather, fun, and above all the company of our family in faith.
Hope to see you over at our parish school, Holy Cross Academy, 3pm-7pm!
Corpus Christi Procession: Next Sunday June 18, we will have a Corpus Christi procession around our property after the Spanish Mass (thus approximately 3:30pm). In simplest terms Jesus will be going out to take a little stroll around our property, and bless it with His presence. This is a very simple and beautiful expression of our Lord passing by us and our giving him the love that he is due. All parishioners are invited to participate, especially our first communicants!

Peace in Christ,

Pax et bonum (peace and all goodness),
Fr. Mosimann

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