Weather and Parish Masses ~ January 23-24, 2016

Weather and Parish Masses ~ January 23-24, 2016

Dear Good People of Saint Mary,

Although the storm approaches, I want to reassure parishioners that we will be open if you wish to come to Mass, and have made arrangements to have the parking lot clear.  Those who can make it without risk still should come, but for those who cannot, I anticipate very light attendance and very scaled-down liturgies this weekend.

If you are a Lector or Eucharistic minister scheduled and cannot come, please do not worry.  Just let your coordinators know you will not be here.  Likewise, if you plan to come and are not scheduled, let us know at the beginning of Mass that you are here and see if you can help out.

Bishop Loverde issued a statement yesterday dispensing anyone from their Sunday obligation in the case of dangerous travel and weather-related hardship.  Of course, this dispensation is automatic when confronted with such difficulty as with illness, but he wanted to put everyone’s mind at rest.  He also gave pastors the option to cancel Masses as needed, but there would be no way to communicate which are canceled which are not without huge confusion, so we still plan to celebrate all Masses as scheduled.

Sometimes Stafford Lakes Parkway is not cleared by Stafford County and, if snow is deep, we are not able to get access to Holy Cross Academy for Sunday Mass.  We hope to have information about this available by 8am on Sunday morning.

Finally, when we miss a weekend of Masses we take a huge financial hit due to the loss of a week’s offertory collection.  Please remember us kindly.

For a link to Bishop Loverde’s message, please click here.

Thank you, and be safe.  God bless you.

Fr. Don

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