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From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

I know that I would not be who I am without prayer. My mother tells the story that when I was born, they had to get the biggest guy in the hospital to push on her belly since I just didn’t want to come out! Or the time when pregnant when she and I got special prayers in the chapel of Rue de Bac Paris (where the miraculous medal was given to us by the Blessed Mother). I remember when my godmother was dying, saying to her that we’d have her out of purgatory in 2 weeks (which gave her great consolation…. after I said it I wondered ‘how will I accomplish that?!). And then after she passed, I credit her for praying twice as hard for me. After I was ordained, I offered my second Mass ever for my family, and the third for my godmother.

I believe that a special joy of heaven will be to know and see what prayer did for us, and what our prayers did for others. For now, things can seem discouraging at times. The effects of our prayers may seem subtle or even non-existent. But God is working his purposes out and collecting and dispensing the fruits of our prayer in due season.

And then I came across these quotes from The Dialogue of Catherine of Siena:

The sufferings you endure will, through the power of charity, suffice to win both atonement and reward for you and others…The stains of your foolishness will be blotted out, and I will no longer remember that you have ever offended me.

As for the others, because of your loving charity, I will pardon them in proportion to their receptiveness….They will come in this way to truly know and regret their sins, and so, because of my servants’ prayers they will receive the fruit of grace….They will receive both forgiveness and its gifts, unless their stubbornness is such that they despair….I look on them and give them light.

I rouse the dog of conscience within them. I make them sensitive to the perfume of virtue and give them delight in the fellowship of my servants. Sometimes I allow the world to show them its true colors….that they may know how inconstant it is and be more eager to seek their homeland in eternal life.

And so I contemplate with joy, just how much we really do depend on one another’s prayers. Don’t lose heart. Keep praying, and know that you will never regret a single prayer uttered.

Pax (et Bonum!),

Father John Mosimann

Concerts at St Mary Presents Mozart’s Requiem, K. 626 by the St Mary Festival Choir

Concerts at St Mary Presents Mozart’s Requiem, K. 626 by the St Mary Festival Choir

On Friday, November 8, 2019 at 8:00 p.m., as the church remembers all the faithful departed during the month of November, Concerts at Saint Mary will present the Saint Mary Festival Choir as it performs Requiem, K. 626, for Choir, soloists and orchestra, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Commissioned by Count Franz von Walsegg for a Requiem service to commemorate the anniversary of his wife’s death, Mozart composed part of his setting of the Requiem Mass in Vienna during the latter part of 1791.  His work was left unfinished at the point of his death on December 5 of that same year.  Following Mozart’s death, Franz Xaver Süssmayr, a pupil of Mozart’s, completed the work in 1792 at the request of Mozart’s wife, Constanze, and was first performed as a public benefit in Constanze’s honor.  Due to the fragmented state of Mozart’s manuscript, in addition to the Süssmayr version, a number of alternative completions have been developed by musicologists in the 20th century.

Joining the Saint Mary Festival Choir, Concerts at Saint Mary welcomes back guest soloists Aani Bourassa, Veronica Tschirhart, Allan Palacios Chan and Emmett Potts, as well as an orchestra comprised of musicians from the greater Fredericksburg area, all under the direction of Saint Mary’s Director of Music and Organist, David Uschold.  Following the concert there will be a reception in the Parish Life Center where there will be an opportunity to greet the performers and share fellowship.


Open House at HCA!

Open House at HCA!

Come Visit Holy Cross Academy for an Open House!

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence offering a strong academic program,  Holy Cross Academy features daily religious instruction, character formation, numerous extracurricular opportunities, a variety of music and art programs, and much more.  Come discover what a blessing Holy Cross Academy can be for your family!

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Holy Cross Academy ⧫ 250 Stafford Lakes Parkway ⧫ Fredericksburg, VA 22406 ⧫ 540-286-1600