Express Announcements ~ 15 November 2015

Express Announcements ~ 15 November 2015

* The second collection this weekend is for the Parish Building Fund. To explain to newer parishioners, and as a reminder for all of us: this monthly collection is a commitment we made seven years ago when we began the renovation of our church and all buildings on the parish property. Rather than have a capital campaign with a five-year pledge, we decided to pay off the debt with a $48K monthly mortgage payment over the next ten years. So far we have paid about $700K thanks to this monthly collection. An easy way to remember to help with this is by giving electronically through Faith Direct. Thank you for your generosity.

* Saint Mary Preschool Open House is today in the Parish Life Center, 9:30 to Noon. Please stop by and say hello.

* Holy Cross Academy Open House is Tuesday at 9am in the school library.

* We have a long way to go if we are going to have a meaningful Parish Photo Directory. For the rest of November only 8 appointments are made in each 128-ppointment week. Photographers go home for good at the end of November. Please be a part of this historic record of our parish in 2015.

* Don’t forget we have one, very special Thanksgiving Day Mass at 10am when we all gather and give thanks to God. As a sign of our gratitude we have a Food Collection for the Fredericksburg Food Bank. Bring bags of nonperishable foods, keep them with you in the pews and at the Offertory everyone brings the food forward and it is placed all around the altar as our offering. There will be no 6:30 nor 9am Masses on Thanksgiving.

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