Express Announcements ~ June 25, 2017

Express Announcements ~ June 25, 2017

* Peter’s Pence 2017 Collection for the Works of the Holy Father will take place next weekend at all Masses. More information on page 12. Thank you for your generosity!

* Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 8 at 9am for an Anointing of the Sick During Mass. We will have what is commonly called a “Healing Mass,” where the Sacrament of the Sick is offered during Mass. See next week’s bulletin for more information.

* Complete some of your shopping by purchasing SCRIP gift cards! Set up an account today and earn rebates for HCA. Email Christi Greenwell at for the school enrollment code.

* Subscribe to the Saint Mary website, and receive important updates via email. The subscription box is on the homepage. Enter your email address, click “subscribe.”

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