From Our Pastor – January 22, 2017

From Our Pastor – January 22, 2017

Dear Folks,
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus conductos operarios; Eminentissimum Tatiana Beltran, Jim Florio et Lauri Hofstrom!

Ok, I stole that announcement from the
announcement that the Pope has been elected. But with the changes it translates to:
I announce to you a great joy: We have employees; The Most Eminent Tatiana Beltran,
Jim Florio, and Lauri Hofstrom!

Here in the bulletin, you will find biographies for Tatiana and Jim. Tatiana is the new smiling face who is the first one you see
when you walk into the office. Sometimes I call her job the ministry of welcome! While it  is not his official title, Jim has been called by some, “the new Rick.” On his first day of work, he put his Secret Service background to good use in managing the welcome line for Bishop
Burbidge’s visit! I have never seen a better organized and disciplined reception line!

While her biography is not in this bulletin, Lauri Hofstrom has been hired as our Director of Music. She will begin work in early February, as she her family is moving (back) to Virginia from Arizona. She was selected from an number of applicants because of her very capable musical ability, Catholic knowledge of Liturgy, Bi-Lingual capabilities, and because of the  strong working relationship that she and I have from a previous  parish.

I am delighted to share this good news with  you. I am particularly proud of the welcome that we can provide by both our front reception
and music director being able to speak Spanish. I am confident that you will welcome Tatiana,  Jim and Lauri as you have welcomed me.





Fr Mosimann

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