From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

On Friday the National Right to Life March took place in DC. On Wednesday February, 1st there will be a VA March for Life in Richmond, and a ‘delegate day’ as well. With the overturning of Roe v Wade, the struggle to defend life in our culture has become a much more distinctly local battle. The days are over when we can say, “our hands are tied, what can I do?”

As pastor, I value the time that I can spend with ‘regular’ parishioners, because leadership as service requires knowing the people you serve. One way we have tried to make that practical is by converting the welcoming receptions into invitations to have coffee with me and the welcoming committee. It is great to be able to meet the folks who are new to the parish!

Of course that applies to public servants and elected officials. When I heard about the ‘delegate day” I was surprised that such an opportunity exists. It
is fundamentally an opportunity for you to have a minute or two of face to face time with the person who represents you in our Commonwealth!

And so my practical tip for ‘vacation / time off from work. Use some time for your soul: Holy Week, or parish retreats. Use some time for serving the common good: like this year’s VA Defending Life Day & March for Life on February 1st. Of course use some for travel and recreation too. But you also have weekends for some of that rest. Could you consider tithing your vacation days to feed your soul and serve the common good?

There is more information in the bulletin here about these important events in our State. You have 10 days before it is here. What can you do?


Father Mosimann

January 22, 20223
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