From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

What is a pilgrimage? It is a physical journey that takes us on a spiritual journey.I share a few pictures from our pilgrimage to Saints of Central Italy. And I contemplate the graces that I have seen unfold in the lives of those traveling together, as well as they myriad more that I haven’t seen because they are interior.

The life of being a spiritual father is amazing. But you know that from how blessed you are to be parents!I got to offer Mass at the altar where Padre Pio offered Mass for 40+ years. And to see his confessional. To climb the Santa Scala (Holy Stairs) in Rome that St. Helena brought from Jerusalem b/c they are the stairs Jesus climbed to be judged by Pilate. All who go up those stairs now, do so on their knees.

I know that often when my parents traveled they would make sure there was a stop in a church or shrine of a saint for each of their children! Thanks Mom and Dad for praying for me! And I am now trying to return the favor for my spiritual family.

From Italy with prayers


Fr. Mosimann

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