From Our Pastor ~ November 27, 2016

From Our Pastor ~ November 27, 2016

Dear Folks,

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving  and that your giving thanks lasts all year. This  Sunday we begin the season of advent and thus all of our frenzied preparations for Christmas.

I hope you picked up a copy of the Magnificat  Advent Companion that we set out for you to have a daily assist to your prayers.  I will share with you one of my favorite
Advent books: The Reed of God by Caryll Houselander. She beautifully builds the image of the Blessed Mother as a reed: empty and open to becoming an instrument of God. How do we percieve emptiness? The virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not barren emptiness, but a beautiful receptivity to the Lord.

This thanksgiving weekend we are grateful for the abundance of God’s blessings, and let us move forward with an eye to avoiding the excesses of our culture by focussing on the life living, virginal, receptivity of the Blessed Mother. The more generously we can imitate her this Advent, the more fully we can help bring Jesus into the world this Christmas.





Fr. Mosimann

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