From Our Pastor ~ September 26, 2016

From Our Pastor ~ September 26, 2016

Dear Folks,

I meant to put this in the bulletin last weekend for Parish Life Weekend. However, I realized that this Sunday is Commitment Weekend, so maybe it’s a better fit here! If you are reading this over a cup of coffee at IHOP, then you may have already signed up for a new ministry. But for all of you who read the bulletin during Mass: purely for your entertainment, not to be actually used by anyone, here are this year’s top excuses given for not committing to serve:

  • “I was busy texting during Mass, what are you talking about?”
  • “I am busy with Destiny’s Rise of Iron.” (Sorry, inside joke for a few geeks like me).
  • “If I sit in the back of the Church and Father can’t see me…. then he isn’t speaking to me.”
  • “A unicorn told me to chill out this year.”
  • “If there isn’t an iPhone app for it, I don’t do it.”
  • “If I can get past Father’s gaze, I won’t feel guilty about doing nothing.”
  • “I love volunteering, especially when others do it.”
  • “I have no worries, and no responsibilities.”
  • “I see these appeals every year, why rush?”
  • “I had a vision of Jesus, he told me to pick up my pillow and follow Him.”

with a smile,




Fr. Mosimann

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