Mass Intentions for the Upcoming Week

Mass Intentions for the Upcoming Week

There was a mistake made in the bulletin for Sunday, February 3, and the Mass Intentions for the previous week were listed instead of the current week.  The Mass Intentions for this week are as follow:


Monday, Feb 4
6:30am: Agripina Ruiz de Rosado (+)
9am:  Miguel A.J. Correa Cintron

Tuesday, Feb 5
6:30am:  The Trinh Family
9am: Glenn Derouin (+)

Wednesday, Feb 6
6:30am: The Nguyen Family
9am:  Deacon Alberto Bernaola

Thursday, Feb 7
6:30am:  Nelly Lazo de Aguirre (+)
9am:  Charlie White (+)

Friday, Feb 8
6:30am:  Gloria Hewitt Wills (+)
8:15HCA:  Fr. John Mosimann
9am:  Salvatore J. Kiwall (+)

Saturday, Feb 9
9am:  Eliana Guthrie
5pm:  A. J. Zeak
7pm:  William Dean (+)

Sunday, Feb 10
7am: Angela Hawkins (+)
8:30am:  Augustine Marcell Astier (+)
10:30am:  William Hackbarth (+)
10:30HCA:  John C. Long (+)
12:30pm:  For All Souls in Purgatory
2:30pm:  For Our Parish
5pm:  George T. McCue (+)
7pm:  Charles Bagshaw

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