Veteran’s Day Message from Bishop Burbidge

Veteran’s Day Message from Bishop Burbidge

In the United States, there are an estimated 19 million men and women who once wore the flag of freedom as members of the military. That is 1 in 10 adults! On Veterans Day each year, we honor their courage and service to protect and defend our rights and freedoms. Yet we should not limit such gratitude to that day alone.

Be sure, on Veterans Day and throughout the year, to express your deepest gratitude, prayers and appreciation to the veterans in your life. And ask them how they are doing. Many wounds lay under the surface, and your compassion and attentiveness could be a powerful reminder of Christ’s love for them.

We must also never forget the loving families who stand by their side, comforting them through tough times and painful experiences, and who eagerly awaited their return from overseas deployments. We assure them of our prayers.

Because of our veterans, we have the great privilege of being citizens of the United States of America, worshipping God without fear, and enjoying the freedoms safeguarded in the Constitution. We owe each of them a debt of gratitude. To all our veterans: Thank you.

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