From Our Pastor ~ November 6, 2016

From Our Pastor ~ November 6, 2016

Dear Folks,

There is an election? Who knew? …and yes that is sarcasm with a smile. Voting is a serious civic duty. This duty requires we have well formed consciences on the social and political issues of the day. To that end, we are making available a number or resources in the bulletin beginning with a letter from our Bishop. Additionally, we are rerunning the novena prayer that we began praying last week. Also the Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy advocacy organization representing Virginia’s two Catholic Bishops. The VCC website has a wealth of information which can help you be informed. Finally, we remind you of Bishop Loverde’s series on “Forming your Conscience” which can be found online at May the Lord have mercy on our beloved country.


Folks, I am interested in knowing how manyfolks we have in the parish whose bodies are gluten intolerant and therefore unable to consume a eucharistic host. While  transubstantiated host is no longer bread, but the Body of Christ, it still retains the chemical properties of bread and therefore gluten. I recently spoke with a family  whose sensitivity is so significant that they can’t even consume the ‘low-gluten’ hosts because of the possible ‘contamination’ of crumbs from the hands of the priest who have immediately prior handled full-gluten hosts. Similarly, some are unable to consume from a chalice after someone who has consumed a host for the same  reason. Even the smallest of crumbs can cause serious physical distress.

If you are affected by this, would you please email me (frmosimann@stmaryfred. org)? That would be of great assistance so that I might discuss with the priests how we can accommodate your needs and then communicate to you the decided upon process.





Fr. Mosimann

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