From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Some Tuesdays I just stare at my keyboard, or look at social media, or I read articles mindlessly. Why? Because I can’t think of what to write in my bulletin note. Today is one of those Tuesdays. So I thought, “Hasn’t something interesting captured my mind recently, I should share that.” So here we go.

I dislike social media. But it is useful for news.  One platform that I can use anonymously is Twitter. I have one follower and just use it to read news articles. However, I recently responded to Father Dwight Longenecker when he mentioned how much he loved the movie “3:10 to Yuma.” Really? I had found nothing redeeming about this movie. Zero, zilch, nada. He responded to me and also shared an article with me. The article is entitled: “The Greatest Moral Film of All Time.” Wow! Did he watch the same movie as me? I saw a post-modern message where goodness is futile and meaningless. However, here is a pull quote from the article: I’d been misreading and underestimating the moral of the tale until my most recent viewing this Christmas: formerly I’d misread the film’s message as more postmodern than that which is truly buried there. Only when I realized what the message was—a call for the person to do the right thing even unto death—did I begin to think about this film as the greatest ever. It manages to make such an unpopular moral mandate…fashionable. And realistic.

I have to admit that he made a number of interesting points and gave me a whole new lens through which to see the point of the movie. In the end, I now have to rewatch that movie and maybe I’ll be a little less annoyed that my brother really likes it. Here is a shortened link to the article:

Maybe someday I’ll write another article about the Disney movie I watched whose message seems to be tearing down the monuments and achievements of your ancestors because you are more understanding. Talk about a movie for 2020? Yikes. Ideas have consequences.

Pax et bonum,

Fr. John Mosimann

September 13, 2020
XXIV Sunday In Ordinary Time
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