From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

What in the world is happening? I write this the day after the election…. or the day the real wrangling started. What will be relevant to say by this weekend? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Ignorance of Jesus is ignorance of everything necessary.

Why do I so often exhort you to take an hour of adoration every week? Because even attending Mass every week without a life of prayer is like going to your own wedding and not knowing the person you are marrying. Having a real, enduring, and profound prayer life means embracing the difficult struggle of prayer.

I leave the rest of this week’s column to St. Alphonsus Ligori:

“Jesus Christ finds means to console a soul that remains with a recollected spirit before the Most Blessed Sacrament, far beyond what the world can do with all its feasts and pastimes. Oh, how sweet a joy it is to remain with faith and tender devotion before an altar, and converse familiarly with Jesus Christ, who is there for the express purpose of listening to and graciously hearing those who pray to him; to ask his pardon for the displeasures which we have caused him; to represent our wants to him, as a friend does to a friend in whom he places all his confidence; to ask him for his graces, for his love, and for his kingdom; but above all, oh, what a heaven it is there to remain making acts of love towards that Lord who is on the very altar praying to the Eternal Father for us, and is there burning with love for us. Indeed that love it is which detains him there, thus hidden and unknown, and where he is even despised by ungrateful souls! But why should we say more? “Taste and see.”


Father Mosimann

November 8, 2020
XXXII Sunday in Ordinary Time
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