From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Three things:

1. We had National Vocations Week come to an end last Sunday, and we welcomed a seminarian who spoke of his vocation at eight of our eleven Masses. Today,
on the page next to this one, is a reflection from a cloistered nun on the occasion of her 25th Anniversary. Please, if you read nothing else in this bulletin today, go read it now.

2. …Ok, welcome back. Thanks be to God for the folks who helped cover the cost of moving the tabernacle to the center of our sanctuary. The cost of the move and the new candlesticks was completely covered by direct donations, so that there is no impact on Sunday collections.

3. Your names are underneath the tabernacle. We printed out the names of all registered parishioners, wrapped the 350+ page stack in a lovely ribbon, and sealed it into the cabinet underneath the tabernacle. I got this idea from St. John Vianney who had a golden heart which contained the names of all of
his parishioners, and the heart was right above the tabernacle with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I commend you to the Sacred Heart of our Lord, who lives and loves us from his dwelling place in the tabernacle.

pax et bonum,

Fr. John Mosimann

November 15, 2020
XXXIII Sunday in Ordinary Time
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