From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Super Bowl Weekend, Souper Bowl Weekend and the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal!

Teamwork: supporting the BLA really is a team effort. Thanks to the folks who braved the snow last weekend and spoke in support of the Appeal. I am always grateful for those who speak, organize (ushers), process, and manage our Appeal. But above all, thank you for your generous support of the works of the entire diocese!

Teamwork x 2: thank you to all those who are donating to this weekend’s Souper Bowl effort. The St. Lucy Food Pantry is in dire need of assistance at this time and your generosity is appreciated. Thanks to the volunteers who make this event possible.

Emotional Interest: as a fan of the Washington Football Team, I have to admit that it has been many years since I cared about the game, and now enjoy watching the creative commercials almost as much as the football. When we care about the results, we watch differently. This gave me pause in contemplating the many works of charity that the BLA supports; we can and must love our brothers and sisters who are helped by this Appeal!

Family and Feasting: I have heard that more guacamole is consumed today than any other day of the year. Some estimates say 28 million pounds! We do still know how to celebrate and feast with family. As the pandemic has robbed us of so many social gatherings, I pray that you enjoy this one!


Fr. John Mosimann

February 7, 2021
V Sunday in Ordinary Time






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