From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Do you believe when you don’t understand? Sometimes we say that things ‘don’t make sense.’ But, we should always qualify that phrase as ‘don’t make sense to me.’ I remember a talk that I attended given by a ‘celebrity priest’ back when I was in college. He defined faith as, ‘belief without proof, but not without reason.’ As a student of physics, and one who loves science, that definition resonated with me. There are many reasons why each of us believe, and many of them are tied up in our relationships with family, friends, our parish, and the Lord. Know your reasons why, and be ready to offer them as witness.

And OOOOPS!! So this week I learned something new. I was asked by a parishioner if it was ok to use beef or chicken stock in soups on Fridays during Lent. I answered with what I thought I knew the answer to be: “No.” This was how I was raised, no boulioun in soup, no meat, just fish sticks. (And yes, like any right thinking child I despised frozen fish sticks). However, a podcast from Catholic Answers and Jimmy Akin, set me straight. A 1966 document (Paenitemini) was promulgated defining the penitential discipline of the Church changed the Catholic law on soups! It removed he prohibition on eating soups made from meat. Yes, abstaining from meat is still required, but that means that soups like chicken broth and bouillon are legitimate. I am sure that my parents taught me what they knew and grew up with. At the time this change was promulgated, my parents had just two months prior welcomed their 6th child home, so I don’t ‘blame’ them for missing this change!

So I write this, to correct the erroneous answer I gave to a parishioner, to let your consciences be informed, and to thank God that we can always keep learning!

Have a blessed Lent!


Father John Mosimann

March 7, 2021
III Sunday of Lent
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