From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Easter Sunday April 4

8am Mass at the Fredericksburg Expo Center (LIVESTREAMED)

10:15am Mass at the Fredericksburg Expo Center (LIVESTREAMED)

12:30pm Mass at the Fredericksburg Expo Center (LIVESTREAMED)

2:30pm Special Confirmation Mass at 2:30pm all at the Fredericksburg Expo Center (LIVESTREAMED)

Please note that as guests of the Fredericksburg Expo Center, all attendees are required to wear masks while inside the building and to follow the directions of the parish and Expo center employees and volunteers.

Dear Folks,

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen, just as He said!

I am so glad that we are able to celebrate this feast together this year! Last year, during the pandemic and lockdown we had to stream Mass on Easter Sunday. There was a little lady peering in the windows of the door of the church at the beginning of Mass. I immediately connected this early morning visitor with the ladies who went to the tomb on the very first Easter Sunday! She had braved much in coming out in the most locked down time of the pandemic. I knew I had to let her in.

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene who had run to the tomb in her love of Him, and she had come in love searching for Our Lord. When I let her in, she wept for joy. She sat in the back and wept, saying “who am I that Jesus should let me in?” I tell you what folks, she is one of the most powerfully prayerful people in this parish. And now Jesus has called her home to eternity, so even more so. I am confident that this Easter she will remember me, and put in a good word to Jesus on my behalf. And on your behalf too, because many of you received miraculous medals from her, and prayers, and maybe even your wedding or prom dress.

Another grateful, heartfelt word of thanks to every one of you who have been helping the parish to weather the damaging financial effects of the lockdown and pandemic. Many parishioners switched to electronic giving. This increase in use of Faith Direct has been a great help in uncertain times, and I am so very grateful for your generosity which has kept us running and ministering to the needs of our parish and city. Yes, there is a form in the bulletin this week, should anyone else be ready to switch to electronic giving.

Enjoy this wonderful and most solemn feast of our faith. Everything is found in this feast, where Christ triumphs over death, disease, and fear. I wish you a blessed day with your family!


Father John Mosimann

April 4, 2021
Easter Sunday
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