From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

A Blessed Easter Season to you! In the risen Christ, all things are possible. Did you notice the picture on the cover from the Easter Vigil at the Expo Center?

Ahhhh…. St Mary Immaculate of the Expo Center. This year we celebrated the whole Triduum at the Expo Center. It was truly wonderful to see the great turnout! At every liturgy we had more people in attendance than we could have accommodated in the church even on a normal year!! Yep, our biggest Triduum ever! What a joy and sign of hope for our parish family!

Chris Lanzarone led the effort to set up the Holy Week liturgies and the Expo Center Masses. He got a few scant hours of sleep all week to be there for everything and to cover details that we all just think happen automatically. Thank you to Chris and his team of volunteers!

A heartfelt thanks and prayers for all who helped to make this Easter a glorious celebration of our faith.
Let me begin with the Music: WOW!! David Uschold, Malinda Jones, all of the musicians, cantors, and choirs all crushed it! It was breathtaking to hear the Expo Center filled with the glorious praise of God in song! To our ushers and greeters- thank you!

Congratulations to our newly baptized and confirmed Catholics! Their enthusiasm gives us a spiritual vitamin shot. Thanks to Fr. Sina, and the RCIA team!

Did you notice the banners changing each day of the Triduum and all the flowers? Thanks to those who worked so hard with all of those amazing decorations and those who decorated our church and Holy Cross Academy.

This year, more parishioners than ever have written or called me to express their awe and gratitude for how our celebrations were done. Please take a moment all to just send a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord!

Our parish comes alive when you respond to Christ’s invitation to share in his life and service. May God grant you the heavenly reward that you desire and deserve.


Father John Mosimann

April 18, 2021
III Sunday of Easter
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