From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

It has been two years since we pulled out the stops so that you can meet and greet the folks in the parish who coordinate the approximately 80 ministries we have here at St. Mary. Obviously because of the pandemic, but there is so much that we have accomplished despite all odds, and lockdowns! If you are reading this over a cup of coffee at a diner, thank you for stopping by and visiting with the ministries (and for all of you who read the bulletin during Mass …. you have no excuse for not stopping on the way out of Mass).

As has become a tradition, purely for your entertainment, and with no intention to move into full time comedy, here are this year’s TOP TEN EXCUSES given for not signing up for at least one parish ministry:

“I am waiting for the orange sock ministry.” “I can’t hear you through the mask.”

“I am vaccinated against helping.”

“I do all my ministry on Instagram.”

“I see a squirrel…look at that!”

“I am keeping socially distanced from sign-ups.”

“I am busy because Seinfeld just showed up on Netflix”

“I want the Masked Singer to sing in church.”

“I prefer to pick a church where I won’t be asked to help.”

“I only do what my spouse signs me up for.”

With a smile,

Father John Mosimann

XXIX Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 17, 2021
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