From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

The great feasts of November flow from our profession of faith that all of the members of Christ’s body, living and deceased are united in a common supernatural life with Christ. This communion of supernatural life in Christ, is not merely limited to those who walk this earth. Jesus is Lord of the living and the dead, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and all of our ancestors. Those who have gone to heaven or purgatory are alive in God, and thus we share a real communion of life with them.

One of the supreme expressions of this communion of supernatural life is how God grants us the possibility of rendering atonement for one another. We can, by offering our sacrifices for others in union with the one sacrifice of Christ, merit gifts from God. Thus, we who are alive have a special place of privilege in the Church as we are able to truly help the souls of the faithful who are in purgatory. Some members of Christ’s body have a privileged place of intercession (heaven) others have a privileged place of merit (us on earth), but all contribute to the spiritual well-being of the entire body.

Thus, I’d like to remind you of the importance of praying for our friends and relatives who have passed away. Know that every prayer that will ever be offered is already known to God! Even if your loved one died unexpectedly, all of the merits of every prayer you say now was made present to the soul in need at the moment of their greatest need.

Above all, having Masses celebrated for the souls of your loved ones is the greatest thing that you can do for them. There, Christ Himself, the high priest enters into the tabernacle not made by human hands and offers His perfect sacrifice for their souls. Should your loved ones already be in heaven, you will have given them a treasure of grace which they will in turn redistribute to those whom they know and love and who are in need of those graces.

This coming Friday, we will offer a Candlelight Mass for the repose of the souls of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who passed away this past year. All are welcome! May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

pax et bonum,

Father John Mosimann

XXXII Sunday in Ordinary Time B
November 7, 2021
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