From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Yes, we are still in the Christmas Season, so it is right and just to keep wishing Merry Christmas.

Why do we love New Years? Because we all love potential, possibility, and dreams and we are all hoping / praying that 2022 will bring relief! This is a reflection of our soul’s deep desire for God who “makes all things new.” (Rev. 21:5). As finite creatures diving into the arms of the infinite Lord, we will never exhaust discovering new delights and depths of His goodness, especially in the midst of mess. The Lord of the universe was born in a stable with its attendant noise, smell, and privation.

Moreover, I know that all of the best blessings were totally unexpected by me and gratuitous gifts from the Lord. There is nothing that has or will happen that the Lord has not seen from all eternity, including even 2022. He has planned for my welfare since before the big bang. “Who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to counsel him?” (1 Cor 2:16).

What Jesus desires for us is not a spirit of despair or presumption, but of prayerful trust. Heck, it is even on our money: “In God
We Trust.” Worried about 2022 or even just making it through January? That’s ok, look back and see how the Lord has brought you thus far; he will not abandon you now. Keep looking to heaven and allowing the Lord to strengthen you!


Father John Mosimann

January 2, 2022
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