From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

We have had a busy week!

Eucharistic Miracles and Adoration

Thanks so much to everyone who made possible our event at the FredNats Stadium this weekend. So many details and so much work, all for the honor and glory of our Eucharistic Lord Jesus! Spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament changes lives. Check the parish website for information on how to sign up for a regularly scheduled hour of prayer with Him.


Wow! We have already hit our goal for total dollars pledged, and continue to exceed the goal! This year we hit the target earlier than any other year that I have seen, and we are among a small group of parishes that have already hit the target! Yes, we always look to have as high a rate of parish participation as possible, so you can also join the generous and winning effort of our parish. Thanks for your generous support of the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal. This collection is a huge support to the works of our Bishop and diocesan family.


Only two more weeks to go. I encourage you to keep persevering in your Lenten disciplines, it makes the celebration of the Resurrection that much sweeter!

Confessions / Masses

Okay, this is the ‘banner’ week to get to confession. Lines are much shorter, priests are less exhausted, and penances are much smaller. Ok, I can’t guarantee the last one, but I have found that the mercy flows in abundance this time of year!

For this week, we have extra confessions:
MWF: 11:30am to Noon, and also 6:30-7pm. These are prime times with the shortest lines of the season. Saturday 7:30-8:30am and also 2:30-4:30pm. Yes, your always late pastor, decided that both of the Saturday confession times should start early!

As always, we will try to finish all who arrive during those scheduled times and there will be confessions during Holy Week too, but come this week for maximum ease and efficiency!

May you have a blessed Holy Week.

pax et bonum,

Fr. John Mosimann

V Sunday of Lent
April 3, 2022
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