From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks
If you are reading this over a cup of coffee at Metro diner, then thank you for participating in our Parish Life Weekend.  (And for all of you who read the bulletin during Mass ….  you have no excuse for not stopping on the way out this morning).
As has become a tradition, purely  for your entertainment, and knowing that I have no future career as a comedian, here are this year’s top excuses given for not signing up for a ministry today:

“I am busy playing replays of the Capitals Stanley Cup run!.” (Finally a winner in town).

“I was busy with Snapchat, what did you say?”

“I parked on Stafford Avenue so I can escape.”

“I only sign up for Costco samples.”

“When the going gets tough, I forget the rest.”

“My Fortnite squad needs me.”

“I tried to join the Movie Ministry.”

“I have to run a napping marathon.”

“I helped last year… and need to recover.”

“If I exceed my goals, I’ll only have to work harder in the future.”

with a smile,
Fr. Mosimann

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