From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

I have encountered no pain greater than a parent losing a child.

In today’s bulletin, we have a moving note “from the pews” of one such parent. It begins on this page, and is a moving witness to grace in the midst of unspeakable pain.

For that grief, I would like to announce a candlelight Mass on the day of the March for Life, January 24th. Many parents who have lost children during pregnancy have been told they aren’t allowed to grieve. I suppose that grief is a slap in the face of our culture’s blind and obstinate denial of the gift of life in the womb.

So if you lost a child, in pregnancy, in school, in college, or adulthood this Mass will be offered both for your child(ren) and for you. All are invited to come and offer a prayer of support.Candlelight Mass Friday, January 24 at 7pm.



Fr. Mosimann

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