From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I wish to inform you that Tatiana Beltran has accepted the promotion to be our Youth Director.  She has capably served as the Assistant Youth Director, and generously assisted while the search was being conducted for this job.  Happily, our best candidate is she whom we already know and treasure!

Congratulations Tatiana! Because of the great value of youth ministry, we are now searching for a replacement for the assistant job as best fits Tatiana’s vision and needs.

Catholic Schools Week!!!
I want to thank Dr. Fry and all of our school staff for their hard work and generosity in teaching and serving the children of our parish.

This weekend, at all Masses, we are having children from the school speak after communion to express gratitude for all who support the school, and to give witness to the many graces received in this most important ministry.  Teaching and living our faith is at the heart of the mission of the parish, and the school is often on the front line of this work for so many parish families.

I recall one time asking a pre-schooler what she had learned.  Without hesitation, she looked up and said, “I learned that Jesus can never stop loving me.  His grace is His love in my heart.”  I was stunned with the depth of what she said.  And that is why we make sacrifices and try to educate as many of our children in possible where this truth will shape their lives.

fr mosimann

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