From Our Pastor ~ November 20, 2016

From Our Pastor ~ November 20, 2016

Dear Folks,

A Blessed Thanksgiving to you! On thanksgiving day, there will only be one Mass, and it will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Church. So let me say that I am thankful for:

1. St. Mary’s Generosity and Discipleship—too many examples to list!

2. Our Parish Staff: we have so many hard working, generous, and kind staff.

3. Spiritual Fatherhood: it is a great joy to see souls enkindled with the fire of Divine Love.

4. My Family: thanks Mom & Dad for helping to light the fire in number 3.

5. My Vocation to the Priesthood – to quote St. Augustine, “with you I am a Christian, for you I am a priest.”

6. Brown Rice, Turkey, Apple Pie, Sesame Chicken, Ribeye Steaks, Chocolate Muffins – this list could go on and on!

7. Military Families – so many sacrifices to keep us safe and free.

8. Simple words of support and Kindness – You never know when your gratitude will lift someone’s soul.

9. Jesus: He is everything and without Him there are no number 1 to number 9.

10. The wisdom to end this list that could go on all year.

Candlelight Masses 7:01pm Sundays in Advent:

Just for fun, and because I love candles, and to carry on a tradition that I began several years ago, the 7:01pm Mass each of the 4 Sundays of Advent will be by  candlelight only. I have occasionally celebrated candlelight Masses before, and had folks say, “I wish we could do that more often.” Given the emphasis in Advent on “the people in darkness have seen a great light,” I figured why not give it a go. Candlelight Mass means that the lights will be off in the Church, and illumination will be mostly from the candles on the altar. These Sunday evening Candlelight Masses will only be during advent, and the 7:01pm Mass will get the lights back on after Christmas. Please check it out if you wish for a fresh and especially contemplative take on the Sacrifice of the Mass! This will begin next week!!





Fr. Mosimann

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