From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Dear Folks,

I hope you had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the scriptures that often comes to mind is from Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God….” This Scripture is a firm promise that we can hold onto in difficult times. Often I come back to this promise and invoke it in an effort to support and sustain you in your trials.

Many Thanksgiving weekends I put a list in the bulletin of things that I am thankful for. However, in reviewing last year’s list, I was tempted to just “cut and paste” it, because many blessings are perpetual and ongoing! Know that the repetition of thanks does not diminish its sincerity. Instead, I have included a note that I received recently from someone giving thanks to our parish for assistance given in the 1970’s! It is a lovely account of his gratitude, and he even credits the assistance with saving his marriage!

It is never too late for you to thank someone in your life. Maybe each of us could look back a little farther and consider who we might be able to send such an expression of gratitude to. At the very least, please pray now a prayer for all the folks whom you have forgotten to thank, and we will let the Lord shower them with graces.

Dear Father Mosimann,

I came to your church back in the mid 1970’s with a problem and was desperate for help. I was released from active duty from the military and was trying to reunite with my wife and son who were located in Rutland, VT. I was contacted by Catholic Charities to come to Vermont for a reunion. I sold all my furniture and closed my rental for funds for the trip. I thought I could make the trip with the cash I had from my furniture sale. I was driving an older model VW with the few belongings I had left. I made it as far as Delaware on the turnpike when my engine blew. The tow truck driver took my car to for his services and I got a bus ticket for the rest of the journey. I can not recall the name of the priest at St. Mary’s that I spoke with and asked for help, but he did offer to help me with $1,000 when I arrived in VT. Catholic Charities helped me transition and find a new job. Cash was needed to hold off creditors and get new housing for my family and Catholic Charities contacted St. Mary’s to see if they were still willing to help. That money saved me and my marriage. You also helped my parents at their time of need during the deaths of my mother and father. I am sorry it has taken me so long to repay you for your generosity. Enclosed is a check for $2,000 so that you can help someone else.

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. May God Bless you.

pax et bonum,

Father John Mosimann

First Sunday of Advent
November 28, 2021
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